The 3 Types of Rocks Online Exploration: Use the graphic organizer

The 3 Types of Rocks Online Exploration:
Use the graphic organizer given to you (other side) to organize your research about
The 3 Types of Rocks….
2. Go to
610page01.cfm?chapter_no=06 and record below what “COMPOSITION” and “TEXTURE”
are defined as & why they are important to know!
3. Use the following sites to make sure you have a COMPLETE picture of what it takes to be
a certain type of rock:
a. (click the NEXT
button at the bottom to move onto Sedimentary, then again to Metamorphic).
b. Use the buttons at
the bottom to get to the different types of rocks.
c. The space at the bottom of the page will be used up when we discuss a few
highlights of each rock type in class—please keep this space available!
For #2) above: Rocks!!!
*It’s important to know a rock’s composition & texture because…
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