Letters from Felix Enrichment project

Letters from Felix
Enrichment project
Your job is to send Felix on 4 more world adventures
before he returns home to Sophie. Once you choose the 4
places Felix will visit you need to learn a little more about
each place. This is called research. You can use the
computer with your teacher’s help or get a nonfiction book
from the library. Once you know some interesting facts
about the places you choose, you are to design a post card
from that location. First, draw a picture on the solid side of
the postcard. This should be a picture of something
interesting from the location. On the other side write
Sophie’s address on the lines and draw a postage stamp.
Lastly, write a short letter to Sophie (pretending you are
Felix) and tell her about the place you are in. Remember to
use the interesting facts that you found.
Have Fun!