Homework Weekly News – 01/29 01/26

Homework 01/26 – 01/29
Monday Snow Day
o 4 Vocabulary Sentences
o Math Page 5-7
o 30 min reading/ log signed
o LA page
o Math Page 6-5
o 30 min reading/ log signed
Wednesday Family Night
o LA page
o Math Page 6-6
o 30 min reading/ log signed
o Writing Prompt Response: Think of
something that you would really like to buy,
and you have to use your own money to
buy it. What do you want to buy? Why do
you want it? How much does it cost and
how will get money to pay for it?
o Math Page 6-7
o 30 min reading/ log signed
*Review phonics (Project Read)
skills for weekly test.
Weekly News
Happy 2016
Math: Topic 6: Subtracting with 2 digit
numbers with and without regrouping.
Please practice basic math facts for
about 1-2 minutes per night.
Reading: Book Series: Notice patterns
and make predictions based on the
patterns in a book series.
Social Studies: Economics: Compare
and contrast needs and wants and
recognize rules and procedures for
banking and saving money.
Read Aloud: For the next several
weeks, we will read biographies about
important leaders in our world. Ask you
child who we have read about and what
they have learned. Why is this person a