North Penn High School ALGEBRA 2: 2315 Mrs. Bondi 2015-2016

North Penn High School
Mathematics Department
ALGEBRA 2: 2315
Mrs. Bondi
What You Need Everyday:
Organization System: any method that works for you to maintain hand-outs
Spiral notebooks: for daily reflections and homework assignments
Pencils: two or more sharpened pencils and an eraser - Graded work must be done in pencil!
Calculator: Scientific or Graphing – TI-34, or 84+ are recommended
Grading Policy:
You will be graded on a points system. Check into Home Access Center frequently to see where
your grade stands, and to be sure scores have been entered correctly. Extra credit opportunities will
be very limited, most often as bonus questions on tests or quizzes. The midterm exam will count as
10% of the second quarter grade.
97 - 100
90 - 96
87 - 89
80 - 86
77 - 79
70 - 76
65 - 69
50-64/< 50
Final Course Grade will be computed using
each marking period grade as 21% and the
final exam as 16% of the final average.
All averages will be rounded to the nearest whole number.
Homework: Since regular practice is the only way to master skills in mathematics, homework
will be assigned daily and is not optional. Homework will be checked for completion at the
beginning of the class period, and recorded on a homework record sheet. Students are expected
to make corrections to homework assignments daily in order to be sure concepts are understood.
Homework will be worth 2 points per assignment, recorded periodically for a grade. Homework
will be collected on test/quiz days. You will receive 1 point for completion and 1 point for the
accuracy of corrections. Full credit will be given to assignments containing the problem, work,
and solution – no credit for answers only. Late homework will be accepted for half credit if
completed within that cycle - after that, no credit will be given. It is always to your benefit to complete
the homework assignments to practice the concepts covered in class.
Tests and Quizzes: For each unit of study, there will be announced and/or unannounced quizzes
and one announced test. Math testing days are A, C, and E Days. Tests are generally worth 100
points. Quizzes normally range from 30 - 50 points. All assessments must be completed in one
class period. On occasion, projects and other assessments will be assigned.
Cheating: Cheating is any form of trying to pass off another’s work as your own, directly or indirectly.
This will result in a grade of zero and/or disciplinary action for all involved. The greater consequence of
cheating is giving yourself the reputation of being dishonest.
Make-up Work: If you have an excused absence from class, it is your responsibility to find out
what you have missed. Check the website for missed work, or ask a responsible classmate. If
classmates cannot help you, ask me before or after class. For extended absences, you have one
cycle to make up tests, quizzes, etc. unless otherwise arranged.
If you will be out for vacations/trips, you need to see me ahead of time to get work you will miss.
This work is due no later than the day after you return to school, and assessments within the next cycle.
If you are absent on a test day, or the day before a test day, you will be expected to take the test
on the day you return.
Anything missed due to an unexcused absence will receive a zero.
**Any graded work that is not made up by the end of one complete cycle will become a zero. **
**This includes quizzes and tests.**
Class Guidelines:
Be Prepared:
1. When the late bell rings you should be seated with the following items on your desk:
completed homework, pencils, eraser and calculator. You are expected to check your
homework accuracy with a classmate or work on the “bell work” for the day.
2. Conversations with friends or with me should be completed before the late bell. We
need to make full use of our time together.
3. Lavatory needs should be attended to prior to the late bell. Students will not be
excused during lessons except for emergencies.
Be Respectful:
1. Be courteous to yourself and others, as well as your physical environment and the
personal belongings of others. Do NOT speak while others are speaking, including
your teacher.
2. Speak kindly to and about others. Do your best to understand the needs and feelings
of others.
3. Keep cell phones, etc. in your locker during class time.
Take risks:
1. Use pencil so you can make changes easily. We all make mistakes!
2. Volunteer ideas.
3. Ask questions.
Try Your Best:
1. Focus your attention on class activities, discussions, demonstrations, and practice
opportunities. THINK. Reflect. Question. The more you participate, the more you
2. Evaluate your own learning frequently. Ask questions if you are uncertain or
confused about something. I cannot clarify confusion for you unless you let me know
you need it.
3. Become the best student you can be. This will then lead to you being the best adult
you can be. Remember to strive to become the kind of person you would like to live
with for the rest of your life.
Just as you are expected to follow these guidelines, I follow those established by North Penn
High School and the North Penn School District. If you choose not to comply with these
guidelines, you will first be warned but then experience appropriate consequences, especially
those in our discipline code.
I will be available to help you in any way that I can. We can arrange to meet during 9th period,
after school, or possibly another time, to talk about things or to review material. My goal is for
us to have a fun year while learning a great deal. There is math support available every lunch
period in _____. Should you need information or help when I am not in the building, see one of
the other math teachers. It is good to get help!!
You will be asked to set a goal for yourself for the year. It will be my goal to help you achieve
yours. Together, with effort, we can succeed!
You can reach me by email at, or phone at 215-368-9600 x4542.
Student Information:
Name ___________________________________________
Textbook # _____ Condition comments:
Contact information: I will use the contact information listed in the district
Home Access Center/ Teacher Access Center files. Please be sure that is current.
If you are unable to log in to update your contact information, please provide it
below. Please select one below.
The contact information listed in the district Home Access Center/ Teacher Access
Center files is up-to-date.
Please update my contact information to include:
Parent/Guardian name __________________________________________
phone ___________________ email ______________________________
Other contact info….
Anything you (student or parent) want me to know?
My goal for myself in math this year: _____ (percent or letter)
Some things I will do to achieve my goal:
My signature below indicates that I have read, understand and agree to abide by class expectations.
I also acknowledge that I must supply my own calculator for classroom use and for the final exam if
I wish to use one. I understand that a calculator will not be provided for my regular use.
Student signature ______________________________________________
Parent signature ______________________________________________
My Math History :
Elementary School __________________________
Gr. 7
Gr. 8
Gr. 9
Gr. 10
Gr. 11