ECE 2210 Project 1 F14

ECE 2210
Project 1
There are many professional aspects to being an engineer and one of the areas is
Engineering Ethics. An engineer must understand the responsibilities and principles needed to make
ethical decisions.
For this assignment you are to write a one page paper on an engineering failure listed below. Choose
ONE from below.
Mars Climate Orbiter
Bhopal disaster
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
The paper is to be one page, double spaced with standard margins. Site any sources used and include a
reference page. When citing a webpage as a reference the proper format is as follows:
Author. Publication Date. Web Page Title. URL, Jan 17 2011,Early Effect.
Include a brief summary of the disaster in your own words. Discuss the failures in engineering and
process. Lastly include suggestions that would possibly have diverted this disaster. This paper is to be
your own effort with a coverage containing Paper Topic, Name, Course Number, and Date.