I. Disaster Plan Annual Review

Appendix I
I. Disaster Plan Annual Review
The Emergency Procedures Working Group will review the Disaster Plan on a
quarterly basis to update information. Paper copies of amended sections will be sent
out to all holders of Disaster Plans once a year. The quarterly review will include
confirmation of vendor names, addresses and phone numbers, availability of on- and
off-site supplies, membership and phone numbers of EPWG, emergency phone
numbers, collection priorities and floor plans, and library staff names and phone
numbers. EPWG will also take into account any library reorganization, new
buildings or facilities for storage, and any movement in the stacks.
EPWG will ensure that all existing copies of the plan are updated at the same time
and that they remain accurate. Library staff will be notified when updates occur.
The Emergency Phone List will be updated at the same time as the Disaster Plan.
New paper copies will be sent out once a year, or more often as needed.