ECE 2210 Homework Submission Guideline

ECE 2210
Homework Submission Guideline
Assigned homework must meet certain guidelines to qualify for credit. A large component of engineer is clearly
communicating your thought process and meeting documentation standards. The guidelines implemented in this class
are to focus the presentation of your work and to streamline grading. Failing to follow the guidelines will result in a
lowered grade regardless of your final answer.
Text problems are typically assigned four at a time unless a particular problem is usually long or challenging. Each
problem is worth 10pts unless otherwise noted, making each assignment worth 40pt. Each problem will be assessed by
the standards laid out in the Approach and Format sections. The Approach section details how to receive full assignment
credit, while each violation in the Format section is a point deduction unless otherwise stated. You could completely
approach the problem correctly and receive a negative homework score if you fail to present your work in a professional
manner; recorded as a zero.
Clearly state the problem and specification needing to be met. You do not need to recopy word for word the
problem statement, but you must document the relevant details.
List any assumptions needed to approach the problem. Some of our problems in this class will make certain
assumptions about the state of electrical components or initial conditions we need to use in our thought
Circuit figures. In electrical engineering our circuits, no matter how trivial, need to be shown. Always include a
circuit figure for the problem statement when one is needed. Use a ruler to draw circuit figures.
Your steps to meeting the problem or design statement must be clearly shown. You do not need every step, but
your logic in approaching the problem needs to be clear. Include approximately every other algebra step. Note
when using voltage or current divider, or using a numerical solver like a calculator.
Your answer needs to be easily seen. Box or circle your final answer. Include units.
Use engineering paper.
Use a pencil, blue ink, or black ink. You can use a highlighter to mark your final answers.
One problem per sheet of paper even if the problem only requires a few steps to solve.
The header of your paper must include the assignment number, class, name, and date. Each page must have the
problem number you are attempting.
Your work must make a reasonable attempt at the problem / design statement. Recopying the stated problem is
not worth credit. If too many steps are missing or your thought process is unclear I will deduct points from your
Sloppy or hard to read work is not acceptable and will receive no credit. Recopy your scrap work legibly onto
engineering paper. If your penmanship is poor write in block print.
Staple your final submission. Normally I will have a stapler with me in class.
Figures must be drawn using a ruler. Any graphs or figures must be done with Spice or Excel.