HW 1

EGR 220 HW 1
Due Feb 4, 2016
Chapter 1 problems starting on page 24, 5th edition of text book
Problems 1.17, 1.19, 1.20, 1.26, 1.28
2.12, 2.13, 2.16
(be sure to use the passive sign convention, page 11, as needed, for these problems)
For this and all subsequent homework sets:
 Print out, follow, and complete the Homework Cover Sheet (for this and ALL
subsequent HW sets)
 Complete homework problems on engineering paper
 Write out enough of the problem statement so that it is clear what you are
doing (you do not need to copy the problem from the text word for word)
 Include the circuit diagram
 Clearly show your work
 Clearly show (circle) your final answer
Complete a first attempt of each problem before looking at the posted
solutions and correcting your own work – be sure to do your corrections in a
different color ink than your original work