World Cultures and Geography Midterm Review Name:

World Cultures and Geography Midterm Review
Introduction to Geography
Define the following Themes of Geography. Use page 15 for 1 and 2
a) Location
b) Place
c) Movement
d) Region
e) Interaction between Humans and the Environment
Name of Theme of Geography that is described below.
a) People cut down trees to building housing developments. _______________________
b) People leave their home country because of violence. __________________________
c) The United States is south of Canada. _______________________________________
d) The City of Philadelphia is home to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Franklin Institute.
e) The Appalachian Mountains stretch from Georgia to Maine. ___________________
Use page 24 for 3 - 7
What line is 0º latitude? _____________________________________________
Lines of latitude measure ________ and ________ of the ________________________________.
What line is 0º longitude? _________________________________
Lines of longitude measure ________ and ________ of the ______________________________.
At what 2 points do all lines of longitude meet? ____________________________
Use pages 26 – 29 for 8 -10
What is a political map?
What is a physical map?
Identify the purpose of each of the following on a map:
a) Scale Bar: _____________________________________________________
b) Key: _________________________________________________________
c) Compass Rose: _________________________________________________
Define the following physical features. (pages RA 36 and RA 37)
a) Island: __________________________________________________________
b) Lake: __________________________________________________________
c) Isthmus: ________________________________________________________
d) Strait: __________________________________________________________
e) Mountain: ______________________________________________________
f) Peninsula: ______________________________________________________
g) Plateau: ________________________________________________________
Chapter 3: Introduction to Culture (pages 83-87)
Define the following terms:
a) Culture
b) Ethnic Groups
c) Cultural Diffusion
d) refugee
13. What are the 8 Elements of culture? (remember HARD LEGS)
14. List 3 ways Cultural Diffusion happens.
15. Define the following types of governments.
a) Democracy
b) Monarchy
c) Dictatorship
16. Define the following terms:
a) Passes
b) Navigable
c) Imperialism
17. Identify three ways Rome had an impact on the culture of Europe
18. Europe is connected to what other land mass?________________________________
19. How is Europe’s Population changing?________________________
20. Identify the location of the following in Europe:
a) Spain
b) Germany
c) United Kingdom
d) Greece
e) Mediterranean Sea
f) The Alps
g) The Atlantic Ocean
21. Define the following terms:
a) Escarpments
b) Canopy
c) Ecotourism
d) Rift Valley
22. How was the Great Rift Valley formed?______________________________________________
23. Location the following in Africa
a) Sahara Desert
b) Great Rift Valley
c) Atlantic Ocean
d) Pacific Ocean
e) Regions of Africa