Geography­             5 Themes

Geography­ 5 Themes Geography­ the study of people, places, and things, where they are located and how they relate to each other. I. Location the position on the earth surface, using longitude & latitude A. 45 degrees north, 105 degrees west (US) B. Latitude & Longitude lines Latitude­ lines north or south of the equator. Longitude­ Lines west or East of Prime Meridian II. Place Describing with place names, landmarks, climate... description of broader area than one spot. A. Great Wall of China B. Nostradamus Cathedral C. Himalayas Mountains D. Eiffel Tower III. Region a large area with similar characteristics A. Northeast B. Mid­Atlantic C. New England D. Carribean E. Southwest IV. Movement the transportation of ideas, people through trade, globalization, migration A. Ellis Island B. movement into the south US C. Cubans to Florida D. Pokemon E. Religions V. Relationship within a place (interaction) how people interact with their enviornment creating a change to meet their needs 9/18/2007 Geography­ 5 Themes Page 1
A. harsh climate adaption­ (Alaska) B. building roads C. sewer systems D. land clearing E. farming 9/18/2007 Geography­ 5 Themes Page 2