Room 219 Update - Week of May 9, 2016 Living History:

Room 219 Update - Week of May 9, 2016
Dear Families,
Here is what we are working on in our classroom:
Living History: Students will continue to work on drafting their essays during our social
studies time through this week. The completed draft will be sent home with your child on
Friday, May 13th so that the final copy can be completed at home. It can be typed and
printed or handwritten in your child’s neatest handwriting. The final copy is due back in
school on Wednesday, May 18th. Also, while I have no doubt it is hard not to revise and
edit your child’s work, please remember that it is important that their essay remains as
authentic to their own writing as possible. Finally, for those of you that are ready to
begin work on the poster at home, a rubric was sent home last Thursday with grading
information. All pertinent Living History documents can also be found on our classroom
Math: We will continue to work through Topic 11. The focus this week will first be on
two-step word problems with multiplication and division, followed by problems that
involve a mix of any two operations. Due to end of year MAP testing and a visit to SLMS
on Friday for the band concert, the test for this topic will not be until next week!
Writing: Students will continue drafting, and possibly starting to revise, their fairy tale
adaptations. They will learn how to incorporate a refrain into their fairy tales (think: “Fee,
Fi, Fo, Fum…” or “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…”) in order to write a story that makes
readers shiver. We will also spend time ensuring that the fairy tale’s ending fits the
story, and learning how to use specific vocabulary to paint a picture with words.
Reading: This week we will wrap up our study of the biography genre in reading. Early
this week students will consider how a subject of a biography can also represent a larger
group of people in society. Ask your child, “Does your Living History subject represent a
group of people in society?” Towards the end of the week students will take the preassessment for our next reading unit on social issues.
Other: Field Day is fast approaching and Mr. Fink is looking for volunteers to help set
up the day’s activities or help to run one of the stations! Please visit his website and
sign up if you are willing and able to volunteer your time:
Upcoming Events:
5/17 – Scholastic book orders due for May
5/18 – Typed/handwritten final copy of Living History report due
5/20 – field trip permission slip & $18.00 due
5/25 – Living History poster & costume due
5/26 – 3rd grade Living History Museum presentations – 2:00-3:15pm
5/27 – Field Day
5/30 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL
6/7 – 3rd grade field trip to Franklin Institute
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your
dedication to your child’s education!
Kaylee Viscuso