Quotations Paper Directions 1. Select a Quotation!

Quotations Paper Directions
1. Select a Quotation!
 Select a quotation that BEST describes YOU!
 The quote should fit your personality and your unique outlook on life.
 The quote can be from a book, historical figure, athlete, family member,
song lyric, movie line, commercial, etc.
 Here are some suggested quotation websites:
2. Write an essay explaining why you picked this specific quotation and how it
relates to your life.
 You should include DETAILED answers to all of the topic questions on the
Quotations Paper Outline.
3. The paper should be:
 At least two paragraphs in length
o Each paragraph must have at least 5 sentences
 Typed
 12 point font
 Double-Spaced
 Checked for correct spelling and grammar