To Kill a Mockingbird ­

To Kill a Mockingbird ­ Theme Summary
In your groups, go through the following steps:
● Sign up for a topic.
● Find 5­7 quotations related to your topic.
● Look up the meanings of key words.
● Develop a thematic statement by closely examining the related quotations.
● Create a summary of findings – that is, a thematic statement, definitions, quotations, and
point form notes linking each quotation to the theme – in a “ugcloud” document or slide
presentation format. Avoid writing paragraphs. Relevant chapter and page references
should appear in parenthesis after each quotation.
● Share the document or slides with your teacher.
● Speak to the class for about 5 minutes, using the document or slides as your visual.
1. victimization
2. justice
3. maturity
4. appearance versus reality
5. prejudice
6. courage
7. storytelling
8. empathy