Their Eyes Were Watching God – Objective:

Their Eyes Were Watching God – Journal Assignment
provide an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of the
text by annotating the novel and making note of significant quotations that
develop theme, character, mood and other literary elements. As well, students will
observe the similarities between the novel's world and their own. These
observations will provide the groundwork for the in-class essay assignment.
Section A (formative) – Literature Circles
Submit your completed literature circle role notes package. Attached to this
package, include an additional document on which you write down 2 possible
essay questions with a brief rationale (3-5 sentences) for each, explaining why the
question would be suitable.
Section B (40 marks) – Quotation Analysis (approximately 400-500 words)
Choose a quotation from any part of the novel and provide a thorough quotation
analysis. Be sure to follow proper analysis structure.
date due: _____________________