Their Eyes Were Watching God ­

Their Eyes Were Watching God ­ Theme Summary
In your literature circle groups, go through the following steps:
● Sign up for a topic.
● Find 5­7 quotations related to your topic.
● Develop a thematic statement by closely examining the related quotations.
● Create a summary of findings – that is, a thematic statement, quotations, and point form
notes linking each quotation to the theme – in a “ugcloud” document or slide
presentation format. Avoid writing paragraphs. Relevant page references should
accompany each quotation.
● Share the document or slides with your teacher.
● Speak to the class for about 5 minutes, using the document or slides as your visual.
1. victims
2. jealousy
3. maturity
4. the role of women
5. the power of the past
6. manliness
7. heroism
8. happiness
9. love
10. race
11. individual freedom