Punctuating Dialogue

Punctuating Dialogue
What is Dialogue?
Conversation between two or more characters
in a story.
Rule #1
Remember that quotation marks go around the
exact words being said!
Rule #2
Capitalize the first word of the quote
Ex: “Let’s go Broncos,” yelled the crazy fan in
the stands.
Rule #3
Punctuation before quotation!
Use a comma to separate the words being said from the he
said/she said.
Ex: Mrs. Pattrick screamed, “Get that bug away from me!”
Ex: “Get that bug away from me,” screamed Mrs. Pattrick.
Rule #3 Continued...
Punctuation before quotation even when the
quote is split.
EX: “We need to get to class on time,” Riley
demanded, “or we are going to get detention
this time.”
Rule #4
Start a new paragraph every time there is a
new speaker.
Ex: "How long a hike is it?" Ray asked. "I don't know
whether I have the energy."
"I think," said Iris, "that it's about seven miles to the
“Seven Miles!” Ray screeched. “No way!”
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