CSM Building Monitor Training Update June 21, 2012

Building Monitor Training Update
June 21, 2012
Building Monitor Responsibilities
Acting as a liaison between Administration and the Emergency Operations Center, Building
Monitors are responsible for the safety of individuals and property in their area of responsibility.
Building Monitors will manage evacuations, check assigned areas, and coordinate emergency
operations as necessary. Building monitors will assist other monitors in managing evacuation,
checking assigned areas, and coordinating emergency operations as necessary.
Specific Duties Include:
Familiarizing personnel (students and faculty and staff) with emergency procedures.
Act as liaison between the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and your area of responsibility.
Ensure that occupants have vacated your area of responsibility in the event of an evacuation; if safe
to do so, check to ensure all personnel have been evacuated safely. Facilities Personnel will assist as
sweepers when possible.
Know where their Designated Meeting Site is and communicate this information to occupants.
Ensure that disabled persons and visitors are assisted in evacuating the building.
Evaluate and report problems to the Operations Section Chief after an emergency event.
Ensure the 911 information is posted in prominent location
Know Your Building!
• Exit Routes
• Evacuation Areas
• Location of AEDs, Evacuation Chairs, Fire
Extinguishers/Alarms, Emergency Bags
• What classes are offered in your building?
• Are there offices in your building?
• Special considerations (e.g. labs)
Know Your Emergency Plans
• Different types of emergencies (Some require
evacuation/others are lock down and stay in
• Where is the emergency plan located?
• Who can help evacuating disabled persons?
Equipment Check List
Emergency Bag
Coming Soon: Bullhorns, Whistles, Gloves
Practice The Plan
• Have you walked through your building?
• How would you do an evacuation?
– Where would you start?
– Where would you end?
– Have you covered all areas?
• How would you initiate a ‘lock down’ in your
building if instructed to do so?
– Are there areas that need manual locking?
Get Help Executing Your
• Are there others you can count on to help?
• Have you practiced what you want them to
• How to engage the faculty in assisting in the
event of an emergency
Faculty Responsibility
• Find out the faculty teaching in your building
each semester. Let them know you are the
building monitor.
• Encourage them to keep a current roster of
• They are the leader in the class
– If an evacuation or lock down is required, they
need to lead students; identify any students
needing assistance.
Emergency Resources
• New CSM Emergency Website
• District Public Safety Website
How Can We Help?
• What else do you need to perform your duties
as a building monitor?
Next Training/Next Steps
– Using the Evacuation Chairs
– Rehearsing for Lock Down Drill, September 13 –
Day and Evening Drill
– Establishing Monthly Radio Checks – 3rd Tuesday
of the Month, 2:30 p.m.
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