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is your M&A Buy Side Solution

Buy-Side Due Diligence

Issue our Buy-Side Virtual Data Rooms, organized according to your due diligence checklist, to the target company, requiring them to assemble the required documents for review by your evaluation team.

Most acquiring organizations are geographically dispersed. Within these organizations, it is essential that due diligence information be assembled and quickly disseminated to various internal departments, as well as numerous external advisors.

WHY YOU, NOT the target company, should control the Virtual Data Room

• The target company will NOT be able to track YOUR activity within the Virtual Room.

• The information will be uploaded by the target company according to YOUR Due

Diligence Checklist, and NOT in some haphazard way they may provide.

• YOU will save time and money, while considerably simplifying travel logistics and expenses for YOUR evaluation team members.

• YOU can assign access to the Virtual Room to YOUR staff, consultants and advisors and track who on YOUR evaluation team has reviewed the information.

• YOUR evaluation team members will be automatically notified by email alerts when new information is added to the Virtual Room by the target company.

Reduce Travel & Logistic Expenses

In the past, by receiving a collection of business plans, photographs, documents, projections, agreements, audio files, presentations, etc. in a hard copy format, it has been difficult and time consuming to distribute this information to various groups for evaluation. To a certain extent, the distribution process is improved when information is supplied on a CD. However, simultaneous analysis is often hampered, given the scope of international operations.

Our Internet-based, secure Virtual Data Rooms solve this problem. Given a username and a password, your representatives and professionals around the globe are able to simultaneously review the information, and evaluation team members are automatically notified by email alerts when a new document is posted to the Virtual Data Room. Due diligence travel logistics and expenses are considerably reduced, and deals are able to be closed faster.