Postgraduate Seminar Series Energy transport in tokamaks, and understanding By James Cook


Postgraduate Seminar Series

Thursday 7 th

February Room 564 5pm

Energy transport in tokamaks, and understanding why fusion doesn't work (yet)

By James Cook

When particles escape from the magnetic confinement, bad things happen. To stop these bad things, it has been shown that combinations of linear and non-linear effects in turbulent electrostatic fields can reduce diffusion of particles. But how can this be done in real life?

Cation substitution of β-tricalcium phosphate

By Martin Mee

β-tricalcium phosphate,

Ca3(PO4)2, is of interest in the nuclear industry because of its ability to immobilise intermediate level wastes in a durable, leachresistant state.

β-tricalcium phosphate occurs naturally in the earth as the mineral whitlockite, with the Ca cations being substituted by Mg or Fe. It is this natural tolerance for substitution along with the knowledge that whitlockite is geologically stable over thousands of years that makes it a promising material for use in the long term storage of nuclear waste.

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