Postgraduate Seminar Series Thursday 23 5pm

Postgraduate Seminar Series
Thursday 23rd October
Room 564
EMATS for high temperature
By Jose Francisco Hernandez-Valle
In recent years, the demand for
novel ultrasonic generation and
detection devices to tackle high
temperature inspection problems
has increased. The methods
currently used are usually
expensive and highly dependent
Electromagnet based EMATs are
an alternative approach to the
Presented in this talk; a brief
introduction, basic theory review,
and experimental work carried out
so far.
(a) Low carbon mild steel
(b) Aluminium
Simulation of magnetic field intensity produced by the
electromagnet on different samples, showing contours of
magnetic field strength.
By Dan O’Flynn
Multiferroic materials show a coupling
between magnetism and ferroelectricity,
making them very appealing from both a
physical and a technological point of view.
Single crystals of well known multiferroics
TbMnO3 and DyMnO3 have been grown at
Warwick, and their magnetoelectric/physical
properties have been measured down to 2K in
magnetic fields up to 9T. A new multiferroic
system, Sm1-xYxMnO3 has been discovered
by our group in recent weeks.
The postgraduate seminar series is a series of informal talks run by
postgraduates for postgraduates. All postgraduates are welcome and
refreshments are always provided!