Graphics and Tables

Graphics and Tables
Insert Tables
Insert images
Add Graphics | Images—When scanning and saving images for the web, 72-150 dpi is
the most common resolution.
• JPEG - Best for photographs. Uses lossy compression so images may become
blurred at low compression rates.
• PNG - Lossless compression; the image will be saved but at a reduced file size
without any compression artifacts. This will be overkill for photos. This is a
well-supported format and can be used on the web and in most programs.
• GIF - File saved in the Graphic Interchange Format; can hold up to 256 colors and
uses non-lossy compression. Mostly used for web images that require
It is best to edit your photos/images before you bring them into Dreamweaver. Cornell
provides both Fireworks and Photoshop Elements on SVR2, and in all of the labs.
You’re welcome to stop by the AMS for help with these applications.
Using Tables—You may want to use Tables to organize the materials on your page. It is
one way to hold things in place. You may select “0 border thickness,” if you wish
invisible boarders.