1. In FDM, each modulated frequency, centered around its... __________. a. link

1. In FDM, each modulated frequency, centered around its carrier frequency is called a
a. link
b. loop
c. channel
2. The ITU-T published an optical standard similar to the ANSI SONET standard for
optical transmission called __________.
b. SDH
3. The process of eliminating redundancies in data to shorten the length of records or
blocks to be transmitted or stored is called __________.
a. run length encoding
b. data compression
c. Huffman encoding
4. __________ is used to provide data compression by reducing the number of repeating
character sequences; any sequence of repeating characters can be replaced by a threecharacter code.
a. LZ algorithm
b. data compression
5. V.24bis also known as __________ is an ITU-T standard which specifies a
compression standard for use on voice grade lines with modems. A fixed length code
is used to represent a variable length input.
a. data compression
b. run length encoding
c. LZ algorithm