no later than 9:00 am Tuesday 11/16

Homework #18 and #19 For the weeks of Nov. 8 and Nov. 15
1) DRAFT of ESSAY III due to your (new) group via e-mail no later than 9:00 am
Tuesday 11/16.
Please read the drafts of your two group partners carefully before class. See
especially if you can identify a main idea, and think about what that idea means:
what do you want to say back to that idea, what questions do you want to ask
about it?
Bring one copy of your own essay (just print it out once!) to class for
Workshopping Tuesday 11/16.. Please note that the first thing I will do in class is
ask you to write down your thesis—so make sure your draft has one!
2) E-mail your PROPOSAL for your ORAL PRESENTATION—a few sentences
will do—to me no later than 8:00 pm Wednesday 11/17. I will respond by e-mail
or in class the next day.
3) COMPLETE your JOURNALS—or at least, the minimum 10 entries—and turn
them in by Friday afternoon 11/19 3:30 my office.