Readings for Second Week (Comparison/Contrast): June 18-21

Readings for Second Week (Comparison/Contrast): June 18-21
These are the essays you should read for next week. Monday we will go over the requirements
for your second essay, but by Tuesday you should have these three read and be prepared to
discuss or write about them. Two use comparison/contrast, one is another descriptive essay. All
of these were sent out in email and are also posted on the class Website. Please read the first
three before coming to class on Tuesday.
Andrew Malcolm, “Dad”
Scott Russell Sanders, “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”
Debra Tannen, “He Said, She Said”
On Monday, if we have time, we will look together at a chapter from a book on FDR and
Churchill, which is available on Amazon. The structure of the chapter, “Two Lions Roaring at
the Same Time,” will give you an idea of how a formal comparison/contrast essay may be set up
and it also will show you one way to organize and develop paragraphs. We may also discuss how
you handled your exercise in comparison/contrast the first week.