King Lear Formal Essay Assignment

King Lear
Formal Essay Assignment
Explore the following topics to develop your thesis. Your topic MUST be approved
by me by Wednesday, April 13th, or there will be a penalty.
Topics of Interest:
Dichotomous worldviews
Cosmic chain of being
Pagan vs Christian world
Loss of Innocence
Animal Imagery
Your final draft MUST include appropriately cited direct quotations from
the text, and be in proper MLA format. The essay should be NO MORE THAN four
pages long. Make sure you pay special attention to transitions, diction, tone,
style, and organization of ideas. Your essay must be submitted on,
and a hardcopy must be submitted on the due date or there will be a penalty.
Thesis due: Wednesday, April 13th
Outline due: Friday, April 15th
Rough draft due: Monday, April 18th
Good Copy due: Tuesday, April 19th