University of Phoenix Material

University of Phoenix Material
Final Research Paper and Presentation
Your team will complete an applied research paper. The final product will be a 1,750- to 2,100word essay on a specific topic.
Your team is to select from the following topics:
To forecast possible cultural changes inside Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc., prepare a
study analyzing how a multicultural workforce might affect teamwork and communications in
large companies.
Prepare an assessment for Lotus Rental Car’s CFO on the feasibility of adding alternative
fuel vehicles to the fleet.
Report to your company’s Board of Directors on the cost and value of offering domestic
partner benefits.
Research and report on how to fund a non-profit community book festival for a major United
States city. Consider recent changes in the economy.
Formulate a proposal for Artemis Sportswear Company for cutting operational expenses to
increase profit margins. Include the effect on workers and productivity.
Incorporate information from at least five sources including at least one primary source. The
information gleaned from the primary source will enhance the information gained from the
secondary sources. The paper should be consistent with APA guidelines and include a thesis
statement, in-text citations, conclusion and/or recommendations, and reference list. Please refer
to the text, The Student Writer: Editor and Critic, for more information on shaping the essay. Your
instructor may require the team to submit a rough draft of your paper in Week Three. Refer to
your instructor’s syllabus for further details on this assignment.
Your team will prepare and deliver a 20-minute (8-12 PowerPoint® slides) presentation based
upon your research paper and should include presenter’s notes that provide enough information
to evaluate what the team believes the presenter should refer to during the presentation. Create
the presentation for the company’s board or chairpersons. The audience should be addressed at
the beginning of the presentation.
The presentation might offer points in different order from the written work but must introduce the
thesis and major points of evidence and refute opposing viewpoints. Your conclusion should
encourage your audience to ask questions that will further the acceptance of your suggested
All team members will have equal parts in the presentation. Visual aids will be well prepared to
enhance understanding of the research project.
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Show documentation of each step in the writing process, in addition to your final essay. Include
all of the following items:
Brainstorming, notes, etc., showing the collecting of ideas and the formulating of the paper
prior to beginning to write.
At least two drafts prior to the final draft showing revisions to content.
At least one of the drafts should also show corrections to grammar and spelling.
Also pay close attention to the style and tone of the paper making sure to present the message of
your essay in the most appropriate format for delivering the message to your audience.
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