Group #10
College of Forest Resources
Health & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, November 17, 2004
The meeting came to order at 9:00
Present: David Zuckerman, Sharon Doty, Greg Brazil, Steve West, and Charlie Halpern
Absent: Bill McKean and Mark Lewis
I. Reviewed and approved minutes of 10/20/04 meeting.
II. Old Business
A. The committee questioned what constitutes a quorum. As defined by Webster’s dictionary, a
quorum is the minimal number of officers and members of a committee or organization, usually
a majority, who must be present for valid transaction of business. This recently came up in the
UW H & S meeting and it was authorized by Dave Leonard that although commonly a quorum is
50% groups can determine the requirements of a quorum within their own group.
Our committee agreed that for our purposes a quorum would require 3/7 of the group, two of
those three being elected members.
Discussion around Charlie’s question about if were necessary to continue meeting monthly
resulted in the agreement to continue with monthly meetings (including summer months).
B. Greg reported that the safety training for the Bloedel Hall woodshop went well. Although it
was a low attendance, the training was very thorough. The woodshop safety training will
continue to take place twice at the beginning of the quarters. This is subject to change if need be.
C. The non-existent eye wash unit in Winkenwerder #213 was overlooked during a previous
installation. Mark Murray, Manager, Facility Safety Office, E. H. & S. has been in touch with
Greg saying that he has added it to the list of installations, estimating it will be done this winter.
He will mark it high priority.
D. Sharon had previously brought up the concern of proper storage of chemicals. Particularly
those on shelves that do not have the appropriate lip designed to keep them on the shelf in case
of an earthquake. It was agreed that this matter could be implemented within an upcoming
campaign to raise awareness of proper chemical management. *
III. New Business
A. David and Greg shared that at the November U-Wide Health and Safety Meeting there was a
presentation of the new chemical management database, MyChem that is replacing the
Laboratory Safety System, (LSS). It was given high reviews for being easy to use with all the
functionality needed.
B. Many of the labs within CFR need to be cleaned of their old chemicals. In order to comply
with the Seattle Fire Department and the Department of Ecology all UW departments must have
a chemical inventory. UW policy dictates that those chemical inventories are to be entered into
* Sharon and Greg offered to design a plan to raise the awareness of proper chemical
management, present that plan to the Dean for his support, and implement the plan. The chemical
management awareness plan will include offering training for MyChem and looking further into
the matter mentioned in item II-D.
C. The point was raised that there is material used for pulping (straw) being stored again under
the wooden eves of Bloedel Hall. Greg reported that he has discussed this with Mark Lewis and
was informed that they would be removed in a couple days after surplus items were moved from
the woodshop. The committee agreed unanimously that the woodshop is not the place for them.
Greg added that the Dean does not want ignitable items stored in the caged space behind
It was agreed that the proper place to store the material is in the pulp lab, Bloedel #14. If space is
not available in the pulp lab the ignitable materials should not be shipped here.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:45.
Group #10
College of Forest Resources
Health & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
The meeting came to order at 9:00
Present: David Zuckerman, Charles Halpern, Bill McKean, Sharon Doty
Absent: Greg Brazil, Mark Lewis, Steve West
I. Introduced newly elected member Sharon Doty
• Need to replace William Smith’s name w/ Sharon’s on CFR Users Guide:
II. Reviewed minutes from 9/15/04
• Approved draft w/ David’s comments on Incident Reports. Final approved revision
forthcoming to post on web.
• What is a “quorum” raised again? Moot point concerning meeting today, but can discuss again
at next meeting. David to ask Greg if he knows.
III. Old Business
• As per Greg’s e-mail: Woodshop Training going well. One more session scheduled this Fri.
Still waiting to locate filters for vent system.
• Charles’ inquiry pertaining to frequency of Woodshop Training? David stating that only new
students need to take training/test for approval to use woodshop. One time only, no refresher? No
more than once/quarter? Discuss further next meeting.
• Regarding incident report from CUH about bicyclist sliding on gravel. David Zuckerman
Spoke w/ Fred Hoyt; Sounds like affected party was going to fast on gravel and needed to slow
down. Bike rack will stay in current location. Correction on report: Name of Supervisor is John
Wott, not Joan A. Cuott.
IV. Oct. U-Wide Safety Committee Meeting news:
• As per Greg’s e-mail: UW Respiratory Protection Program and more of the H&S Plans (new
employee orientation).
• David indicated this is important info to brief new employees on. Is this being done CFR-wide?
V. New Business
• Sharon’s request for eyewash station in Winkenwerder 213 has not yet been addressed; at least
she hasn’t heard any news on Small Capitals monies potentially funding this request. Need to
discuss further at next meeting.
• Sharon also concerned about labs w/ chemicals NOT stored in cabinets may need chemical
barriers installed to prevent spillage during earthquake. Need to discuss further at next meeting.
• Charles inquired about frequency of our meetings. Do we need to meet monthly? Meet only
when Chair requests meeting? Once every 2 months? Need to discuss further at next meeting?!
Adjourned at 9:40am
Group #10
College of Forest Ressources
Health & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
The meeting came to order at 9:00
Present: David Zuckerman, Charlie Halpern, Steve West, Greg Brazil
Absent: Bill McKean, Mark Lewis
I. Reviewed minutes from 8/18/04
· Accepted as submitted
II. Reviewed and evaluated Accident/Incident Reports.
· CUH – Student’s bike slid out from under them on gravel. David Z. will speak to Fred Hoyt
about possibly moving the bike rack or compressing the gravel. Spoke w/ Fred: Sounds like
affected party was going to fast on gravel and need to slow down. Bike rack will stay in current
location. Correction on report: Name of Supervisor is John Wott, not Joan A. Cuott.
· CUH – Employee punctured wrist on thorn while pruning rose bush. Supervisor recommended
gloves. Supervisor actually recommended goggles! I spoke w/ her and suggested she recommend
leather gauntlet-style glove.
· Arboretum – Employee got something in their eye. Unable to identify what was in the eye or
how it got there. Party was driven to UW Hall Health where a small amount of foreign matter
was found. Affected party recovered, completely and quickly. It actually is a common hazard
and we wear safety goggles for eye protection. This case was weird in that foreign matter
became an irritant while affected party was on lunch break (glasses not necessary for lunch).
Incident not attributed to work prior to lunch, freak accident.
· Arboretum – Employee suffered from continued numbness in thumb from weed- wacking.
Supervisor explained machinery ergonomics (relax grip, take breaks, etc. Advised that if it
doesn’t improve in a week to seek medical attention. Did improve.
· Arboretum – Employee strained knee while digging out plants, getting up and down. Possible
over-exertion. Supervisor suggested not hurrying to complete the task, may consider a kneebrace, if knee doesn’t improve in 2 days seek medical attention.
III. Update on Bloedel Hall woodshop training program.
· Greg met with Ed McKinley, UW Carpenter Lead. He is working on the training contents and
test. Greg has ordered safety goggles & ear protection. Safety signage is being made. The
program is to be implemented at the beginning of the school year.
IV. Discussed nominations for the H & S Committee member replacement.
· Two nominees
o Sharon Doty, Research Asst. Professor, Ecosystem Sciences
o Neal Bonham, Gardener II, Arboretum
· Discussed the possibility of allowing them both to participate. Greg will ask Nikki Peters, UW
E H & S Program Supervisor, if that can be done.
V. Update on the Homeland Security Assessment and CFR Emergency plans.
· No results from the City regarding the Homeland Security Assessment.
o This matter is closed for now.
· CFR Emergency Plans
o ONRC, Pack Forest, and the Canopy Crane, have their emergency plans in place. Greg will
follow up on his locations, CUH, and the Arboretum.
Adjourned at 10:00
Group #10
College of Forest Resources
Health & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, August 18, 2004
The meeting came to order at 9:00
Present: David Zuckerman, Greg Brazil, Mark Lewis, Steve West
Absent: Bill McKean, Charlie Halpern
I. Reviewed minutes from May 12, 2004
· Accepted as submitted
II Progress report on the Woodshop in Bloedel Hall #110.
· For emergency purposes, a phone has been installed in the woodshop. It does not allow long
distance calling. Expenses are going to 06-1400. Phone #3-6744.
· The Dean approved the committee’s choices of equipment to keep. The remaining will go to
Surplus Property.
· Greg spoke with John Eckhouse, Lead Machinery Mechanic, Facility’s Services. After
explaining what equipment we’re retaining, he estimated that to oil the bearings would take at
the maximum two hours. Their rate is $58.00/ hour. It was advised that this light maintenance
only needs to be done about twice per year. He estimated that labor would cost $106. When I
commented that we’ll have it done quarterly, he said that it’s not necessary, “you’re going to
need to call someone in for occasional repairs anyway.”
Greg met with Rebecca L. Bullock, Asst. Director, UW Risk Management to discuss the CFR’s
liability should an accident occur in the woodshop. She said, “The College has no financial
liability, however, if there are reoccurring accidents the College will be charged premiums.” In
the case of a law suite the question would rise of the CFR’s negligence. Although not precise,
prevention of negligence would be determined upon the CFR’s ability to provide “reasonable
safety” within the “community standard”. Ms. Bullock also referred to the importance of
supervision saying, “In similar cases where an accident occurred, what saved us was that we had
someone there.”
· David spoke with Ed McKinley, Carpenter Lead, Facility’s Services, Maintenance and
Alterations. After researching his liability, he is willing to do the training on basic equipment
safety. His rate for service is $50/hour. We will offer this training fall, winter, and spring,
· Greg is to follow up with Ed. Making sure the woodshop procedures including safety training is
in place by September 22. He will explain the procedures including 1) users must complete and
pass the safety test to acquire a key, and 2) supervision is the responsibility of the faculty
member or P. I. sponsors the work they are doing in the shop.
III. UW-Wide Safety Meeting updates (June/July)6/9/04: Steve Charvat, UW Office of Emergency Management Director (OEM) spoke of the four
phases of emergency management; preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.
7/14: Toured the Special Events Mobil Operations Command vehicle (SEMOC). This is a
refurbished city bus designed to act as a back-up emergency control unit should the main facility
on Boat Street be require such assistance.
There was also a presentation by the PEAT Team, the UW EHS group that may go into a
building that may contain hazardous materials.
IV New Business· Bill Smith has moved on to other employment. The committee will begin the process of
electing a replacement. Greg will send out a message requesting nominations.
· 6/18/04: Homeland Security Assessment for CFR was done by Steve Charvat, UW OEM
Director and Mark Howard, Seattle PD, Emergency Preparedness Bureau. The group assessed
each building for various risks. The comparative assessment allows the city to evaluate which
areas are at the highest risk. The results have not been returned.
V Old BusinessProgress report on CFR’s Emergency Safety Plan
Pack - Complete, but yet to do an evacuation drill.
ONRC - Complete, but yet to do an evacuation drill.
CUH/WPA – Carrie Cone, CUH recently said she was planning to meet with Brett Mercier,
WPA to discuss how they’re going to approach it. She still expects to have it complete by the
end of summer.
Central Campus – scheduled Bloedel and Winkenwerder hall fire drills for 9/10. Fire warden
training is scheduled for 9/2. Steve suggested I change that date to the 17th. That is a time when
faculty are back but school has not begun. Greg will try to coordinate that.
The meeting adjourned at 9:45.
Group #10
CFR Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
Thursday, February 12, 2004
Bloedel Hall, Woodshop, Room #110
The meeting came to order at 11:00
Present: Bill McKean, Bill Smith, Charlie Halpern, David Zuckerman, Greg Brazil, Steve
Ed McKinley - UW Facilities Alterations, Carpenter Lead
Jay Herzmark, RN, CIH – UW Health & Safety, Industrial Hygienist
This meeting was called to specifically address safety matters pertaining to the Bloedel Hall
Greg Brazil explained that the recent change of management has prompted evaluation of the
space and the supervision of its contents.
a. David Zuckerman will look into training plans used by other shops on campus.
b. Requires explanation of proper usage for each, individual, machine.
c. The person doing the training may or may not be the one who supervises the shop
i. Possibly get contract training
ii. May send users out for training at other locations (campus shops).
a. The committee (and guests) determined that the supervisor of the shop should have the
following skills:
i. A person allowed the necessary authority to manage/supervise.
ii. Should be competent with the equipment.
iii. Should probably be a CFR staff member rather than a faculty member
due to
time demands.
iv. Should have adequate hands-on experience.
b. The question arose of possibly having multiple supervisors – sharing the duties.
a. Some other campus shops that can be used are in Gould Hall, The Art Department, Physics,
Mechanical Engineering.
b. David Zuckerman will find out what other shops are on campus.
a. Professor Bill McKean commented he uses the shop a great deal, primarily the drill press,
sanders, and table saw.
b. Bill Smith commented that he primarily uses the circular sander and band saw.
c. Greg Brazil commented that the woodshop area is primarily used for storage. Along with
woodshop related items are items in the process of going to Surplus Property, merchandise being
received from UW Stores, Dell Computers and all other shippers.
i. “The Cage” is a locked area within the woodshop considered to be one of the most secure
places within the CFR central campus buildings.
ii. There are 17 keys assigned that access the woodshop:
6 are assigned to faculty
3 to the computer staff.
2 to the U.P.S. & Airborne to make deliveries.
2 to students.
1 to Pack Forest (Mason McKinley).
1 Facilities Manager (Greg Brazil)
1 to the student helper who delivers surplus and packages
1 to Art Breitsprecher
d. Steve West commented, the committee agreed, that equipment not used should be removed
to lesson the supervision responsibilities and to utilize the space for its best use.
The intention of the survey will be to gather information on the usage of the shop and its
equipment. The faculty will be asked to respond, not only for themselves, but for the usage of
their students and classes.
a. Greg Brazil will compose a questionnaire to be distributed to the faculty.
b. Bill Smith will submit a detailed list of the equipment to Greg Brazil as part of the
c. The questionnaire will inquire about:
What equipment is being used?
How often the equipment is being used: approximate hours per year?
What is the equipment being used for?
What else is that space used for?
d. To properly account for the actual usage of the space and equipment in question, we will
request that faculty reply to the questionnaire on behalf of their students and staff.
Maintenance for equipment will be done by Facilities or an outside contractor if need be.
Meeting adjourned at 12:00
College of Forest Resources – Group #10
Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, February 4, 2004
Anderson 107-A
The meeting came to order at 1:30
Present: Bill Smith, Charlie Halpern, David Zuckerman, Greg Brazil, Steve West,
Guest: Jay Herzmark, RN, CIH – UW H&S, Industrial Hygienist
Introductions. The members and guests introduced themselves o Steve West will be the liaison with the Pack Forest facility. Discussed the committees’ obligations to the University, to the College, and their differences. o In compliance with the University; form the committee, elect a Chair and Co‐chair who are to attend monthly UW H&S meetings, determine meeting frequency, evaluate safety inspection reports, review Incident/Accident reports, recommend action of remediation, record and submit meeting minutes. o The committee will discuss and review matters pertinent to the Health and Safety of the College. o Although the committee does not make policy, recommendations for policy and other suggested remediation and/or plans of prevention will be submitted to the Dean for consideration. Elected representatives o Chair, David Zuckerman o Co‐Chair, Greg Brazil o Recorder, Greg Brazil Discussed how the committee wants to present themselves.
The webpage on the CFR website will be updated by Marianne Elliott with direction from the committee The committees’ mission statement will remain the same. Email correspondence will be sent to the college regarding health and safety related matters, e.g.; training and policies. ƒ
Greg will send an email to the college with information on Incident/Accident Reports Reviewed minutes from October 1, 2003.
Minutes accepted Ergonomics rule has been dropped by EH&S per Jay Herzmark •
Reviewed Incident/Accident Reports (3).
No additional action taken. Discussed the proper way to complete an Accident/Incident report. Discussed scheduling for future meetings. o The committee will plan on monthly meetings or as needed. o The next meeting will take place on 2/12/04 specifically to discuss matters pertinent to safety in the woodshop located at Bloedel Hall, Rm #110. The meeting was adjourned at 2:30