Professional Training in Regression Therapy and Spirit

Professional Training in Regression Therapy and
Spirit Releasement Therapy
October 13- 19, 2013 at the Institute
Training includes
Understanding how past and current life trauma drive a person’s current
patterns, problems and dysfunction
How to bring Divine Presence and Light to heal those root causal lives.
Leading clients through the Resources of the Interlife, or Life Between Lives
Spirit Releasement Therapy: how other beings, dark ones and the spirits of
deceased humans, attach to us and create havoc and how to clear them.
How to provide regression and spirit releasement therapies remotely through
surrogates for clients who cannot be present or choose to have such services
for other reasons
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Trainings will be provided by Greg McHugh CCHt, Board Certified Regression Therapist
(IBRT.ORG) and is offerred under the aegis of the non profit Golden Portal Institute.
Contact Greg at:
1221 South Clarkson Suite 309
Denver, CO 80210
303 995 4276