Building Consistency Meeting

Building Consistency Meeting
Date 11/02/2011 Recorder and minutes prepared by: Danny Wooten/Jeff Griffin
Staff present: On File
Public present: Daniel McBride (Cunnare Group) ; David Reynolds (BFS)
;Charles Sofinowski (M/I Homes); Jason Whitener (Southern Traditions Inc.);
Matthew Klapheke (L&M Costruction) Doc McGee, Alan McGee (McGee Brothers
Co. Inc.); Curt Curtis (True Homes); Kenny Childers (Connerstone Builders);
Wayne Carter (W B Carter Contracting);
Co Detectors
Required in the Residential Code as of 1/1/11to be located immediately
outside sleeping rooms only on each level that contains a sleeping room.
Currently the Residential Building Code does require upgrade with
mechanical equipment and/or water heater change out involving fuel gas,
this requirement will appear also in the 2012 Fuel Gas, Mechanical and
Plumbing Codes.
Homeowner as
If a homeowner is acting as his own contractor he must be on site for
each inspection if the project cost is greater than $30,000 dollars. We
reviewed the new requirements by NC law and have advised staff not
to perform these inspections unless the owner is on site.
In 2012 code attic access is now required when there is 400 sq. ft.
with 60” of head room, up from 100 sq.ft.
New requirement for support of insulation in floor system. Supports
must be provided at 18” o/c starting 6” from the ends. Supports are
very specific in the next version of the code to prevent insulation from
falling out of floor systems.
Attic access: Hatch must be weather stripped and have a R-10 insulation.
Vertical access weather stripped and a R-5 insulation.
Pull down stair a R-5 insulation
There will no longer be an exception for 1 opaque opening to be exempt
from insulation which was typically the pull down stairs.
Trusses forming a bonus room must be blocked under the knee wall
and seal to prevent air leakage. All shafts and chases shall be caped
and sealed to prevent air leakage, this will prevent the usage of
fiberglass insulation as a sealer/firestop and approved foams or caulks
will be needed. We will continue to review changes to the energy code
that will be mandatory on 3/1/2012.
Attics Access
Energy Code
Changes 2012
Attic Access
Air Leakage
Approved By ___Lon Mcswain_________ Date _____11/23/2011__