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Attic Roof Vents
AIR-MATE Attic Roof Vents are made for the
purpose of creating an air space between insulation
and the underside of a roof deck. This space allows
continuous unobstructed air to flow from the soffit
vent into an attic or to ridge vents. Moisture is
removed in the process. Moisture can cause structural
damage and reduce the life of a roof. AIR-MATE Attic
Roof Vents also aid in decreasing attic heat as well as
humidity and therefore reduce the need for cooling a
house during the summer.
 Specifications
■ 2
2" x 48"
■ F
its 16" or 24" on center rafters
■ P
erforated for easy separation
■ W
ide stapling flanges
■ F
lexible and lightweight
■ D
esigned for extra strength
■ A
llows moisture to escape
■ H
elps prevent ice dam formation
■ M
ade from recycled plastic material
 Installation
■ P
lace AIR-MATE Attic Roof Vents on
the underside of the roof between the
framing members.
■ S
lide down into the soffit area, so the air
can flow freely from the soffit vent to the
desired location.
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■ S
taple every 8 to 10 inches along the
flanges with coated roof staples.
■ W
hen ridge vents are being used,
slightly overlap the lengths together so
that a continuous flow of air is achieved
between the soffit and the ridge.
Caution: Extruded polystyrene is combustible.
Do not expose to flame or ignition sources during
shipping, storage, installation or use.
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