Proceedings of 13th Asian Business Research Conference

Proceedings of 13th Asian Business Research Conference
26 - 27 December, 2015, BIAM Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh, ISBN: 978-1-922069-93-1
Human Resource Management Practices of a Local Bank and
a Foreign Bank of Bangladesh: A Comparative Analysis
Md. Kamrujjaman
Human Resource Management (HRM) practice is such process that focuses to get the
best output from employees and to do so it focuses on the policies, practices, and systems
that influence employees’ performance. This paper has analyzed and compared the
human resource management practice in banking industry of Bangladesh and has
considered a local and a foreign bank in this regard. As a sample it has taken Social
Islami Bank Ltd which is a local bank and HSBC a foreign bank of Bangladesh that is well
known in their respective field. From the analysis it has been found that though there are
some differences in HR practice but both of the banks are careful and concerned about
their employees and practicing a good HR system.
Keywords: Social Islami Bank Ltd (SIBL), HSBC, Human Resource Management (HRM),
Mr. Md. Kamrujjaman, Senior Lecturer in Management, Department of Business Administration, Manarat
International University, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh, E-mail: