Proceedings of Global Business and Social Science Research Conference

Proceedings of Global Business and Social Science Research Conference
11 - 13 May 2015, Grand Mirage Hotel, Bali, Indonesia, ISBN: 978-1-922069-75-7
The Quality of Work in Australia and Its Relevance for HRM
Julia Connell* and John Burgess
This paper focuses on the quality of work in Australia and its relationship with HRM.
The paper draws from a quality of work project conducted by the authors
throughout 2013 which involved 9 Australian case study organisations. A fourdimensional job quality framework was created based on the Eurofound 2012 (p.
20) surveys and various Australian surveys in order to undertake the workplace
analysis. The four dimensions included in the framework were ‘job prospects,
intrinsic job quality, and extrinsic job quality and working time quality’. The findings
from this study identified several aspects such as job prospects and direct
supervision as critical factors influencing job quality. This paper emphasises the
implications of these research findings for employees, HR practitioners, managers
and for future research.
Field of Research: Management
Julia Connell*, corresponding author, Graduate Research School, University of Technology Sydney,
Sydney, Australia and Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. Email: [email protected]