Summary of ITU Workshop on “Developments regarding telecommunication network architectures and services”

Summary of ITU Workshop on
“Developments regarding telecommunication
network architectures and services”
Kampala 2 April 2012
Session 1: IMT & IMS Developments and Impacts on
NGN and future networks:
•LTE is an evolution path for non 3GPP systems, providing future path for full coverage
• It’s up to the operator to decide when LTE deployment becomes feasible
•LTE and LTE-Advanced are not the end, 3GPP is now studying future networks
•additional spectrum allocations required => WRC 2015
•Supply of IP services in mobile networks does not mandatorily require IMS but IMS gives
added value (e.g. QoS, mobility, charging, voice over LTE)
•IMS has left the trial stage and has become an adequate System to enhance IP
sessions in mobile networks with QoS/ security provision and appropriate
billing capabilities; large IMS deployment is feasible in the next years
•IMS deployment to be phased to allow integration and testing in a stepwise method
and avoid tangled projects
•Agreement on scope with customer is crucial; Do not sell IMS, rather give answer
for issues
• Work together with customer during deployment to facilitate knowledge transfer
Session 2: Cloud Computing Standardization and Future
• major cloud standardization areas:
• Rich Access for users and partners
•Interoperability & Portability between cloud providers
•Modular Cloud functional architecture
•Security & privacy
•Elastic Network and infrastructure
•Cloud Management
•Cloud layers: accees, service, resources and networks
•Virtualization is an key issue
•For future networks
•Be aware of socio-economic aspects of technology
•Consider socio-economics in technology design
•Tussel analysis an appropriate method
Session 3: The African view on NGN
• UTL considers IMS deployment from2013
• issues regarding replacement of legacy network/ services
•Challenges for vendors: limited knowledge and skills, financial issues
•Market may not yet be ready for changes
•Fast technology changes-Operators unable to churn networks at a matching rate
• The workshop was considered by all participants as very helpful support according
Resolution 44 of WTSA-08 on “Bridging the standardization gap between developing and
developed countries “. Especially the contributions regarding the development on IMT and
IMS as well as appropriate migration scenarios were assessed to be very important for
African countries
•In the future the workshop should be held on an annual base