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Rates of Reaction: Questions
Please answer the following questions about rates of reaction.
1. If a reaction happens slowly, it has ___ rate of reaction
(a) a high, (b) no, (c) a low
2. Please match the pairs of words together so that the following sentence is true. You can
measure a rate of reaction by how fast a __ is __
used up
3. Given that rate of reaction = product formed / time, what is the rate of reaction of 50 g of
paracetamol made in 5 hours? (g / hr)
4. If you increase the rate of reaction, which of the following sentences are true of false?
(a) the pressure increases
(f) the temperature increases
(b) the pressure decreases
(g) the surface area increases
(c) a catalyst is added
(h) the concentration decreases
(d) the surface area decreases
(i) a catalyst is removed
(e) the temperature decreases
(j) the concentration increases
5. What is Activation Energy?
(a) the energy needed for the reaction to occur
(c) the energy of the product
(b) the temperature of the reaction
(d) I don’t know
6. If you decrease the temperature of the reaction, which of the following sentences are true
(pick 3)?
(a) the particles move more slowly
(d) more collisions have the activation energy
(b) the particles move more quickly
(e) the rate of reaction decreases
(c) the rate of reaction increases
(f) fewer collisions have the activation energy
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