Enhancing outcomes for adopted children: the role of  educational psychology    Educational & Child Psychology  

Enhancing outcomes for adopted children: the role of educational psychology Educational & Child Psychology Volume 28, Number 3, 2011, pp: 20 ‐ 30 Author: Tara Midgen This paper explores the needs and outcomes of adopted children with a particular focus on those in England and Wales. A review of recent relevant adoption literature identifies both large‐scale meta‐analyses of data and case study research, focusing on children’s psychical growth, mental health, attachment and cognition. The review evidence suggests that despite the remarkable catch up experienced by some adopted children, those adopted in this country are exposed to more risk factors than in other parts of Europe and, therefore, required specific, carefully planned interventions to increase their chances of successful outcomes. Consideration is given to the role of educational psychologists with adopted children and their families and the distinctive contribution they can make.