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Gender   balance   amongst   educational   psychologists:   an   attempt   to   explain   the   male   minority

Educational   Psychology   in   Practice:   theory,   research   and   practice   in   educational   psychology

Volume   24,   Issue   1,   2008,   Pages   29  ‐  42  


  Anthony   Murphy a

;   Jeremy   J.

  Monsen b


The   Equal   Opportunities   Commission   (EOC)   has   begun   an   investigation   into   why   most   jobs   currently   have   a   gender   imbalance   within   their   workforce.

  The   latest   in   a   series   of   updates   has   been   published   by   the   Association   of   Educational   Psychologists   (AEP)   on   gender   distribution   amongst   educational   psychologists.

  This   may   therefore   be   an   opportune   time   to   look   at   issues   of   gender   balance   within   the   population   of   educational   psychologists   (EPs).


Currently   males   are   in   a   minority   throughout   the   study   and   practice   of   psychology.

  The   small   and   diminishing   proportion   of   male   EPs   appears   to   be   seldom   discussed   within   the   profession.

  This   paper   attempts   to   evaluate   a   range   of   possible   explanations   for   the   lack   of   male   EPs.

  The   process   of   gender   stereotyping   was   offered   as   one   theoretical   framework   which   might   help   guide   further   investigations   into   this   much   overlooked   area.