Computer Science Technology and hardware

Computer Science
Technology and hardware
– What technology do people use?
– How do they use it?
– How do they compare and choose what to
– What is ‘good’ technology?
Technology use
So what technology do you own or have access to?
Tablet, smart phone, games console, portable console?
Add your tally
to the Venn
diagram so we
can see what
we have
More technology use
• How can we get more information about what
technology people have?
• Survey?
• What would we like to know?
– What technologies are used?
– What technology do people use most?
• Decide what you want to ask and create a
short survey using
What’s important?
• When shopping for a car, bigger numbers are better,
– That’s why everyone drives F1 cars….
• When shopping for technology, bigger numbers are
better, right?
– That’s why everyone owns… What did our surveys tell us?
– So what things are important to think about?
• In groups make a list of the most important things
someone needs to know when buying technology.
– What does the ‘smart buyer’ look for?
I like tablets, I like smartphones.
Which is better?
There’s only one way to find out….
Pair up
Pick a device each:
any tablet
any smartphone
Find out as much as you
can about your device,
focusing on your list of
important specifications
from the last task.
Compare the specifications side by side.
What categories would win the fight for your device?
Who wins over all?
Technology cool wall
Project brief 1
• You work for a technology review website similar to, or the Gadget Show.
• Your development team has been asked to create a video
review for a piece of current technology.
• You have to give a full review of the pros and cons of the
hardware, highlighting the areas we now know are important
for users.
• You have also been asked to produce a video preview for a
new item that is not out yet but that you think is going to be
big technological news.
• Your edited videos must be no more than 5 minutes in length
and be ready to publish on a website.
Project brief 2
• Your video clips should be inserted into a
• Your site should also include a summary of the
products you are reviewing and previewing.
• You will need to upload your site to a server to
allow for live testing.
Evaluation of your site
• Peer evaluation
– Let others test your site and listen to what they
have to say so you can improve things.
– Test other people’s sites and give them
constructive feedback.