Student Services Council

Student Services Council
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Present: Dennis Bailey-Fougnier, Sandi Moore, Laura Verduzco-Thurman, Barbara Rigg,
Lyn Hood, Rachel Mayo, Karen Reyes, Sesario Escoto, Beth McKinnon, David Trevino,
Katie Dowling, Tama Bolton, Jay Jackson
1. Student Equity Plan
The Student Equity Plan is required by the Chancellor’s Office under the Student
Success Act. The plan is due in November 2014. A 60-page draft is posted on the
Chancellor’s website; most of it is a template. In the first 10-15 pages there is a
“crosswalk” chart of things the college needs to do and where the Student Equity
Plan is aligned with the Student Success and Support Program Plan.
The plan expands on “who we are” and focuses on closing the achievement gap
(which widens at 30 units) with low income and underprepared students. There is
about 2/3 more data required than before.
Still unknown is the funding for colleges -- $100 million is proposed with a three
(state) to one (college general fund) match. The match will be two to one with the
next $100 million and one to one after that.
There will be a permanent, ongoing Student Equity committee which will include
required members from the Chancellor’s Office and will report to CPC. The plan
will be discussed in depth at the next SSC meeting. In the meantime, Dennis
requests everyone to read the draft on the Chancellor’s website.
2. Student Success and Support Program (3SP) Plan
Highlights of the Student Success Plan were sent out to the committee. Margery
will be writing this plan due in October 2014. If your program can contribute, let
her know. The 3SP Advisory Committee will not be a CPC subcommittee.
3. Student Planning
Jay reported that to date 5251 students now have access to student planning.
After every counseling appointment, a student will be able to access student
planning. Ed plan workshops now include a second hour on student planning
where the student will walk out with an abbreviated ed plan. Counselors are
receiving ongoing training (still in test mode) – it will go live in April. Financial Aid
staff have been trained and are able to look up counselor-approved ed plans
(read only). FTTW staff and Patty Reyes will need this, too. Anyone who needs the
access, contact Jay and Margery, and they will contact Marcy to set it up. Concern
was expressed about marketing consistent and accurate information for students
regarding how having an ed plan and/or declaring a major affects their
registration priority.
4. Financial Aid and A&R Ellucian/Colleague Trainings
A&R staff have been able to have many trainings online, but not Financial Aid, so
a consultant was hired to train the FAO staff. A lot was discovered during the two
days – previously unknown things that need implementing immediately to bring
the FAO up to speed with compliances.
A finance piece of Student Planning will be implanted so that students can view
their student accounts – itemized charges and credits.
There was discussion regarding uploading courses taken at other colleges. This is
usually done for graduation, but with new financial aid limits, this will need to
happen at enrollment.
5. Spring 2014 Program Plans and Annual Updates/SLO Assessments
Dennis gave his monthly reminder these are due in May 2014, June 2014 at the
6. Program/Department Updates
• April 11 is deadline to petition for graduation; 1200 petitions to date.
• Requests for faculty caps and gowns deadline is April 15.
• EOPS Consortium will have a workshop at CSUMB March 29; have asked
Luis Alejo to be the keynote speaker.
• Cabrillo is hosting the consortium the first Friday in May.
• EOPS Advisory Committee meets May 8.
• EOPS bbq is May 16.
• The Health Services Agencies of California Community Colleges conference
went well; discussion regarding how SHS can get involved in Student
• The Wellness Challenge has had great presenters, but low attendance.
• Appointments are picking up with the peer advisors.
• Lillian Guzman Andreas has been hired as Office Specialist; she is also a
medical assistant.
• A nurse practitioner will be hired to replace Martha when she retires.
• Minimum wage is going up to $9.00/hour. Student employment wages
usually increase when minimum wage does.
• Health care legislation: over 30 hours/week, employer must pay health
care. Students may be limited to 29 hours/week on-campus employment in
the summer.
• Tentative DSPS new name is Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) in
response to numerous student requests for a name change. (Follow up
note: the new name is now Accessibility Support Center (ASC) due to the
conflict with the existing Cabrillo ARC.)
• Judy is conducting special ed plan workshops.
• Katie Davis was hired as the new A&R evaluator.
• Students whose priority registration is impacted will receive an email; they
can appeal.
• There are holds on 400 student records due to invalid SSNs.
• CalWorks Association meeting April 14-16.
• Working on a large grant – it’s a collaborative effort with five other
colleges; four states will be awarded.
• Financial workshops for students on how to manage money.
• CSSO conference will address Student Equity and Student Success.
• Statewide ed planning task force is advocating for a state portal.
• Student body elections are coming up.
• Veterans bbq is Friday.