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Wellness Activities List by Dimension
(Numbers after activities indicate number of stamps it will receive)
o Clean-Up Day: 3
o Sustainability Club Meeting: 3
o Take a before and after picture of
environment on campus/ or your
personal environment after you have
improved or organized it: 2
o Attend counseling session: 2
o Attend group: 2
o Depression screening: 2
o Read self-help book: 3
o Meet with financial aid advisor: 2
o Join credit union: 2
o Find out your credit score: 1
o Save money (i.e. open a savings
account): 2
o Create a budget
ult/files/pdf-1020-make-budgetworksheet_form.pdf): 2
o Meet with a tutor: 2
o Use the library: 2
o Read a new book: 3
o Learn a new skill: 3
o Learn a new hobby: 3
o CRAV panel with BP and BMI
evaluation: 3
o Week long Activity log: 5
o Keep week long food journal: 5
o Sleep Log: 5
o Sign up for a fitness class: 5
o Meet student employment services: 3
o Attend Career workshop: 5
o Resume Building Workshop: 5
o Mindfulness workshop, meeting: 3
o Yoga class: 3
o Attend personal church, synagogue,
temple: 3
o Club meeting: 3
 Join a club
o Call/text a friend: 1
o Go out to lunch/dinner with a friend: 2
o “Like” Cabrillo’s Facebook page: 1
o Family activity: 2
 Picnic, park, recreational sport
Extra Activities that can be related to any one
of the dimensions
o Listen to approved TED talks: 2
o Read an approved book: 3