International Business Study Abroad! A Faculty Led Experience By: Matt Marchesini,

International Business
Study Abroad!
A Faculty Led Experience
By: Matt Marchesini,
Senior in Marketing, Loudonville NY
What is a Faculty Led Study Abroad?
• Provides an global
• Faculty-led tours can be
experience to students
found in many colleges,
who don’t want to give
including the College of
up a semester at K-State
Agriculture, College of
Business, and the
• Can give a student 3
College of Human
credit hours for their
classwork before,
during, and after the
Background of the International
Business Study Abroad
• A 16 week class that meets once a week,
combined with a 10 day international
experience in Europe.
• You will have four days in London, U.K., and
four days in Munich, Germany, along with a
day trip to another location.
Background of the International
Business Study Abroad
• Gives the opportunity for students to learn about
international business techniques in different
countries, while also gaining knowledge of
different lifestyles.
• Airfare to/from Kansas City, London, and Munich
is provided, along with accommodations, group
meals, events/tours, and medical insurance.
London, United Kingdom
• Experience London
attractions such as the
London Eye, Westminster
Abbey, Covent Garden,
and the Tower of London
• Eat London staples such
as fish and chips, bangers
and mash, and Cornish
pasties with the locals
London, United Kingdom
• Meet with British
companies who deal
with international
business, including the
British Broadcasting
Company, Harrod’s of
London, and Fuller’s
Day Trips
• The day trip will be right in the middle of the 10
day excursion.
• Depending on the year, you have the opportunity
to go to cities such as Birmingham, U.K., Paris,
France, and Brussels, Belgium.
• Gives a quick glance to students in another major
business market.
Munich, Germany
• Visit Munich, one of the
largest business hubs in
the country of
• Take a walk and shop on
the Marienplatz, sing
German songs in the
famous Hofbrauhaus,
and walk around the
Olympic Stadium.
Munich, Germany
• Meet with one of the
largest automakers in
the world, BMW, to
learn first hand about
how they do business in
hundreds of countries
throughout the world.
• Tour the BMW Welt,
along with an insiders
look at the BMW
manufacturing facility.
• Do you want a full
semester experience in a
– If yes, a study abroad at
one of the many countries
offered is perfect for you.
– If not, a faculty-led tour
allows you to go abroad
during spring break and be
in Manhattan the rest of
the time.
• Are the costs affordable
for students?
– Absolutely!
– The cost of the program
comes with everything you
need to get an excellent 10
day experience, along with
the possibility of getting 3
credit hours at the in-state
• Contact the Office of
International Programs
– 304 Fairchild Hall
[email protected]
• Contact the Faculty
– Dr. Swinder Janda
Professor, College of
Business Administration
[email protected]