AM101 Latin American Themes and Problems Summer 2015 Exam

AM101 Latin American Themes and Problems Summer 2015 Exam
Please answer FOUR questions from section A and ONE question from section B.
SECTION A: Short Answers. Please define the term or identify the event or individual, and explain its
significance to Latin American history.
1. Christopher Columbus, Diary of the First Voyage
2. Limpieza de sangre
3. Potosí
4. Monroe Doctrine
5. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento
6. Plan de Ayala
7. Evita Perón
8. Fidel Castro
9. Liberation Theology
10. Movimento dos Trabalhadores sem Terra
SECTION B: Essay Question.
1. Which was most important in effecting the overthrow of the Aztec state: smallpox or the Tlaxcalans?
2. Why did so many riots and rebellions occur in late colonial Latin America?
3. Is slavery incompatible with independence?
4. Was there an ‘age of Atlantic revolution’?
5. How democratic were post-independence societies in Latin America?
6. How did mass culture affect Latin America?
7. Why was the Cold War so ‘hot’ in Latin America?
8. Why has increasing violence accompanied the return to democracy?
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