Gender, History and Politics: Module Evaluation

Gender, History and Politics: Module Evaluation
Many thanks for completing the evaluation and for your generally positive comments about
the module. We will continue to liaise with the library about the allocation of resources for
the module but we do try and ensure that key readings for the seminars are online as far as
possible. Please be reassured that there will be more focus on long essay writing and exam
technique in the spring and summer terms. All students will get the opportunity to write a
mock exam answer if they wish to aid their revision.
All students ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that they were satisfied with the module, with the
exception of three that had ‘no firm opinion’. They also ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ that they
are satisfied with the teaching of the module, the learning resources, academic support and
their own personal development.
A few students have suggested that library resources could be improved in terms of the
number of copies of certain books being increased.
The teaching was described as ‘clear and interesting’ and ‘detailed and informative’. The
module was said to encompass ‘interesting topics’ and students claimed to have ‘enjoyed the
module’ and to have felt like they ‘had a good grasp on the content’.
The qualitative feedback revealed that some students felt anxiety anxious about the
assessments. Several have expressed a wish for further guidance on essay writing and exam
techniques. A couple of students have also expressed a wish for less text on PowerPoint
slides, more focus on ‘Queer Theory’, and less core reading in preparation for seminars.
Comments on personal development centred on issues such as improving their time
management skills, increasing level of participation in class discussions, reading a broader
range of background texts and preparing more thoroughly for the seminars.
Carys Howells
Sarah Richardson