Department of Math, Phy. Sci. & Psychology


Dept. of Math & General Sciences

Annual Report

Presented by Dr. Aiman Mukheimer


 MATH 001 & MATH 002

 College Level MATH Courses

 STAT Courses

 Physical Sciences

 Arabic Language

 Islamic Studies

 Psychology


To be the region’s premier leader in the educational processes that produce confident, intellectual and life-long learners.

Our students will be creative problem-solvers, productive employees and leaders of the future.


 Provide high-quality education to meet the specialized professional needs of our students and the courses in which they major.

 Uphold exceptional quality to serve the interests of faculty & students.

 Purse scholarly inquiry & develop research expertise of the highest possible caliber.

 Promote & enhance the role of Math within the community.

Seminars and Workshops

 “SPSS” (Statistics Package) Workshop

 “Using New Technologies in Teaching”


 Lectures on “Using Mathematical Models and their Applications”

 Study Group on “Introduction to Dynamic



 Introduced e-leaning into MATH 001 &

MATH 002, MATH 101 and MATH 211.

 Students practice and do homework online.

 Students can request instructor help, view worked examples, videos, online texts and lecture notes.

 Raised academic level of students

 Reduced Absences

Support for PSU Committees

 Accreditation and Quality Assurance


 Exam Control Committee

 Seminars and Research Committee

 PYP Curriculum Review Committee

 Social Activities Committee

 New Faculty Welcoming Committee

 International Schools Liaison Committee

Seminars and Research

 Over 10 papers published in refereed international journals

 Projects and Proposal submitted to PSRTC

 Faculty members presented papers at local and international conferences

 Dr. Jehad Alzabut promoted to Associate


Math Dept. Website

 Reviewing and adding extra material to website

 Caters for students needs

 Announcements, Previous Exams and


 Faculty Web pages

Future Plans

 Organising Math Olympics

 Math Lab equipped with a Math Library and workstations

 Monthly Math Magazine to promote appreciation of Math amongst students.