Course: PHY 302 Biophysics


Course: PHY 302 Biophysics

Text: Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, 3/e, Russell K. Hobbie

(Springer-Verlag, New York, 1997)

Instructor: Sudipa Kirtley (SMK)

Office: CL107


Mail: x 8253

CM 176

This course will constitute of several lectures based on the different physics principles governing some biological phenomena. Lectures will be mostly out of the text book; however, outside journal articles and other books on related topics will also be reviewed. There will be a couple of seminars given by experts in the field, and a trip or two will be arranged to visit some local medical facilities.

The syllabus for this course will consist of chapters 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 15 from the text. A fair understanding of introductory physics principles is required for this course.

Each student is required to give a seminar on a related topic of choice. These seminars will be based mostly on outside reading, and will be held also during normal lecture periods, during weeks 9 and

10. 20% of the course grade will be based on these seminars; quality of presentation and comprehension of the material will be the primary factors for the seminar grades. Part of the presentation score will be obtained from peer evaluation. Students are encouraged to think about the topic of presentation early during the quarter, and by mid-January, 2003, I need to know of all the presentation topics.

There will be three tests in the course, and a final examination. Each class-test will account for

15% of the grade, and the finals 25%. The homework will account for the rest 10% of the grade.

The tests are temporarily scheduled for weeks 3, 6, and 9. The final examination will be given during the designated “finals” week. Homework needs to be turned in at the beginning of the class lecture of the day it is due. I encourage you to consult with your class mates on the homework assignments, but I will not accept homework if it is copied from another’s work.

Please refrain from the use of tobacco inside classroom. Please also close the lid of your laptops during times when the class does not require its use.

Please note that in case of plagiarism in assignments, or cheating during examinations, at least a course grade of "F" will be given. Refer to the rules and regulations listed in the RHIT Academic

Rules and Procedures Manual for more details.

Enjoy the course, and ask questions when in doubt.