Global History and Culture Centre Meeting Wednesday 18 November 2009

Global History and Culture Centre
Meeting Wednesday 18th November 2009
Maxine Berg, Giorgio Riello, Anne Gerritsen, David Arnold,
Bishnupria Gupta, Christian Hess, Stephen McDowall, David Washbrook
Apologies: Clare Anderson, Ann Caesar, Gurminder Bhambra, Dan Branch,
Karen O’Brien, David Hardiman, Tony McFarlane, Stephen Broadberry
1. Welcome
Maxine reports that her EU grant application ‘Trading Eurasia 1600-1830’ has been
successful. The project will probably start in October 2010 and will run for 48 months.
2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
Minutes of last meeting accepted.
Anne reports that the Centre needs to reach more people from other departments. Ann
Caesar (Italian), Mia Lee (History Dept), Dennis Novy (Economics) and Leonard Seabrooke
have been contacted. Ann Caesar and Dennis Novy have accepted so far.
3. Summer School reports
Gurminder’s email report of Early Career Summer School (6-10 Jul 2009) is attached.
Giorgio reports on Global Arts Summer School, Venice, 25 – 31 Mar 09, it has been a
success regardless the tight budget coursed by the GBP/EUR exchange rate sharp drop.
David Arnold points out that we need to maximise the outcome of these successful events,
to generate further research interest and projects, as well as raise the Centre and
University’s profile.
Gurminder, Dan and Daniel Orrells (Classics) were successful with an IAS Summer School
bid. ‘The Place of Africa in Global Theory’ Summer School will be held in early July 2010.
4. Seminar programme 09/10
There are three seminars for the next term:
Gerard McCann (Oxford); Tine Bruland (Oslo and Geneva); Huw Bowen (Swansea).
5. Ongoing research projects
David reported on his ESRC project Technologies of Monsoon Asia. A conference entitled
‘Every Day Technologies in Monsoon Asia’ is planned for 19 -20 Mar 2010, to be held at the
IAS at Warwick University.
Chris Hess is successful with his bid from ESRC. The project ‘Global Cities’ will lead to the
organisation of a series of three workshops: Apr (May or Jun, tbc) 2010; Jan 2011 and
summer 2011. Maxine suggested potential speaker from Tokyo University
Stephen reports on the AHRC project Global Jingdezhen. Two major events have been
planned: Conference on Cultures of Ceramics in Global History 1300 – 1800, 22 – 24 Apr
2010, Warwick University; Exhibition in Sep 2010, Bath. The Exhibition is also supported by
a HRF fund.
6. Languages
Language tuition remains an important issue, as its impact for students both quality and
quantity. Giorgio proposes joint degree with language departments for the European
languages, while for non-European languages, we could choose students who already have
some knowledge with the support of Language Centre. The number of students may be
small, but they could be trained well.
Maxine suggests to set up a database in the Global Centre for students who want to study
a language intensively. Such a database shall include funding opportunities, institutions,
application procedures etc.
7. AGM
Next AGM is set to take place on Wed 26 May 2010.
8. Ideas for future activities, including seminar speakers, IAS fellows, workshops, joint
activities with other departments/Centres
Suggestions are welcome. More IAS fellowship proposals should be put forward.
9. AOB
David points out that the Centre should make more connection with Latin American