November 2015
‘Picture my Research’ for ECF’s
The Image
Single image/graphic that reflects an area of your research
Image wants to grab attention and tell a story of your research profile.
Be provocative to surprise and engage your audience.
You want people to ask ‘what is this?’ if they were to walk past your image
The Talk
3 minute (NO LONGER) flask talk to accompany this to briefly discuss how the image relates
to your area of research
This is not to give a whole overview of everything, this is to start a conversation – leave
them asking for more
The Purpose
Image will be included with your profile in annual report and on the IAS website
You will also include a (150 word max) blurb based on your talk, to accompany the image on
the website and in the annual report.
Presentations will be during ‘flash talk’ sessions in IAS afternoons (2 pm) – please sign up or
you will be assigned a slot!
An Example
‘Difference, Distance and Disgust:
Deciphering a Strong Sensation’
Dr Jason L. Mast
IAS Global Research Fellow
Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
Disgust-sites are characterized as having the
power to command attention and caution, as
being durable over time, and as universal in
that every human culture has some form of
disgust trigger and response. Disgust-sites also
work in a pre-cognitive way, triggering
revulsion before people know precisely what
they are reacting to. In this project I use foodbased case studies to examine two social
processes: a) how disgust-sites may be
destabilized, or how disgusting things, like
bugs, may be un-disgustified, and b) how
disgust-sites, like tainted meat, may be
deployed, or used to pollute and contaminate
other, formerly neutral sites.

November 2015 The Image