India Office Records, British Library, London G/12/59

India Office Records, British Library, London
Diary of the Consultations and transactions in China 1776-77
Supercargoes of the trading season 1776:
Edward Phipps,
Francis Wood Junr.,
Matthew Raper Junr.,
William Henry Pigou,
George Rogers,
Abraham Roebuck,
Henry Browne
and John Harrison
The first thirty pages are mainly concerned with an outbreak of violence (against Mr.
Cuming/supercargo) happened in Macao. Several (10-20) Portuguese guards happen to
have injured Cuming severely when he by accident knocked at night at the wrong door
in Campo Francisco. He was invited to a house closeby to a Mrs. Victoria.
Victoria was heard as a testimony as well.
Declaration of Mr. Johan Jerke a Danish Private Resident. He was testimony of the
incident and reported back to the Judge.
Protest against Capt. Thomas Liell who against his orders has unloaded considerable
quantities of private trade goods on the Ship Stafford
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