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Cohesive Devices
Reading I
A. B. Nugroho
To be cohesive means to be attached
tightly with each other.
What is cohesive?
Look at the paragraph below.
This link is done by using cohesive devices. In
addition to making a link, cohesive devices
may also often function to provide variation
in the way a paragraph is written.
Cohesive devices are words used by a writer
to link the sentences of a paragraph.
Cohesive Devices?
The type of food eaten by a fish changes as it
grows. A newly-hatched trout does not feed at all
during the first weeks of life. In contrast, a newlyhatched perch is active as soon as it hatches. It swims
up to the surface of the water and take in air to inflate
its swim bladder. Air must be swallowed into the swim
bladder through the gut before the perch is a few days
old. A group of trout like to swim around white rocks.
Meanwhile, perches like to form another group. They
like to hang around the wild weeds.
The use of in contrast in line 2 links
Sentence 2 to Sentence 1. By reading
this cohesive device, we can
understand that the writer is comparing
between trout and perches.
The use of meanwhile, also links
between this sentence and the
sentence before.
These are not the complete examples.
You have to look into your dictionary to
find more of such words used as
cohesive devices.
The next slides are some other cohesive
When she was chosen as the first
woman in space, Sally Ride joined the
training program together with five
other women and thirty-four men.
he, him, she, it, them, you, one, ones,
Substitution 1: Personal pronouns
The Aleuts and the Eskimo speak similar
languages. This indicates that the two
once shared a common tongue.
this, that, these, such those, two,
three, etc.
Substitution 2: Demonstratives
There are two basic techniques of
reading: skimming and scanning. The
former is used for fast reading. The
latter is used for reading for detailed
the former, the latter, the first, the last
Substitution 3: Comparatives
It is the persons with the least food,
clothing, and housing whom you have
to help in this program.
who, whom, which, etc.
Substitution 4: Conjunctive
Three young boys were arrested for
ripping off public phones. These
youths were not aware of the
consequences of their act.
Substitution 5: Synonyms
To begin with, you should look at the
tank. If you don’t find anything wrong,
then you ...
to begin with, then, moreover, finally,
I won’t be coming. I have some work to
do. Besides, I don’t think this is the
right to time to play the game.
besides, in any case, anyway, what’s
more, furthermore, etc.
Each chapter is supported by a
reference; in short, this is a carefullywritten material.
in a word, in short, to sum up,
altogether, in all, to conclude
At least one person, namely the
President himself, supports the
that is, that is to say, namely, i.e., viz.,
Although he was very tired, he worked
hard until after midnight.
but, though, despite, however,
nevertheless, etc.
Due to the bad weather, we had to
postpone the performance.
for, since, because, considering, due
to, in view of, etc.
He ran out of money. Therefore, he had
look for a job.
so, so that, therefore, as a result, etc.
Mention them and say their functions.
Read the selection on page 83. Then,
find some cohesive devices in the text.