WEG S.A. CNPJ/MF: nº 84.429.695/0001-11 NIRE nº 42.300.012.203 Companhia Aberta

CNPJ/MF: nº 84.429.695/0001-11
NIRE nº 42.300.012.203
Companhia Aberta
Avenida Prefeito Waldemar Grubba, 3300 – Jaraguá do Sul
WEG announces the construction of new industrial
site in Linhares, state of Espírito Santo
Jaraguá do Sul (SC), August 21, 2009 - WEG S.A. (BOVESPA: WEGE3) announced the
completion of negotiations for the expansion of its electric motor manufacturing activities in Brazil
with the construction of a new industrial site in the city of Linhares, state of Espirito Santo.
For the construction of the future industrial site WEG adopted a modular conception that allows
for gradual and continuous increases of production capacity that will meet the expansion needs
of the Company over several years. The first of these production modules should come into
operation in Linhares in 2011. This modular conception is used by WEG in its other plants in
Brazil and abroad.
"WEG invests considering its long term position. In this case, the industrial park will be a very
important part of our production capacity in the coming years" said Mr. Harry Schmelzer, WEG’s
CEO. "We believe that this new site will be an important source of competitive advantages and
will contribute to the continuity of our history of success" added Mr. Schmelzer.
The state Governor, Mrs. Paulo Hartung, will sign, in a ceremony to be held at the Governor’s
Official Residence in Vila Velha, the agreement that formalizes the conditions offered by the state
for the construction of the WEG site in Linhares. The municipal law that donated the land for the
site was approved by the Linhares City Council and will be sanctioned by Mayor Guerino Zanon.
The Secretary of Development for the state of Espírito Santo, Mr. Guilherme Dias, said that
"WEG´s project is a positive sign for the Brazilian economy and absolutely remarkable for the
development of the state of Espírito Santo." Mr. Dias added that "WEG is a known reference in
quality, innovation, governance and social responsibility. The Government of Espírito Santo is
mobilized to cooperate for the viability of this venture which will stimulate the economy of the
state and will create hundreds of job and income opportunities." Mr. Schmelzer added that, "We
must thank the governments of the state of Espirito Santo and the municipality of Linhares for
their attention and commitment to make this venture come true. We know this region wants to
grow and prosper and we will know how to reward this attention."
CNPJ/MF: nº 84.429.695/0001-11
NIRE nº 42.300.012.203
Companhia Aberta
Avenida Prefeito Waldemar Grubba, 3300 – Jaraguá do Sul
The location of the new industrial site was decided at the end of a long process that considered
several alternatives throughout Brazil. "We are happy with our choice of Linhares as the location
of this site. We had several excellent options for this investment by WEG and this process made
us even more confident of our decision" said Mr. Siegfried Kreutzfeld, Managing Director of WEG
Mr. Kreutzfeld mentioned also that "the prime location, close to areas of high economic growth in
Brazil and the educational level of the population of Linhares, which has several technical
schools and universities, were determinant in our choice." Another key point in Espírito Santo is
its well developed seaport infrastructure which brings significant logistic advantages in obtaining
raw materials for the production process.
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About WEG – Founded in 1961, WEG operates mainly in the segment of capital goods and is
one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electro-electronic equipment, producing electric
motors, generators, transformers and electronic and electromechanical components for
protection, command and control.
In Brazil, WEG is headquartered and has its main manufacturing units in Jaraguá do Sul, state of
Santa Catarina. In the same state there are several other production sites, in Blumenau,
Guaramirim and Joaçaba. Other plants in Brazil are located in the states of Rio Grande do Sul
(Gravataí), São Paulo (São Bernardo do Campo and Hortolândia) and Amazonas (Manaus).
Outside Brazil WEG has manufacturing units in Argentina, Mexico, Portugal and China and
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