Dr. Talley's art work in the 22nd Annual African American... 7053 by Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr.

Dr. Talley's art work in the 22nd Annual African American Art Exhibition in Louisville, KY
7053 by Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr.
Unlike 1492, 1619, and 1776, to many 7053 is less familiar. Yet 7053 are the numbers which
identify Rosa Parks as a criminal. Her crime was sitting down in her rightful place. And by
doing so, the vivid images that followed have long since defined the civil rights struggle in
America. Arrested, fingerprinted, and mug-shot taken, Rosa Parks nonetheless was a ray of hope
for Black America. As a symbol of strength and defiance, she motivated thousands to stand
up/sit down for what they knew in their hearts was right. 7053 attempts to keep the beacon light
of hope firmly fix on those such as Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., and others who have
made substantial sacrifices for the betterment of man. With bold colors, the former Alabama
state flag, and the memorable arrest photo of Ms. Parks, I hope to awaken in all of us an
audacious spirit: a spirit that encourages us to take a stand for right or a seat for righteousness.
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